Vontae Davis of the Indianapolis Colts knows how to play defense. Vontae Davis does not know the rules of the NFL in regard to free agency and tampering, how hacking works, the rules of capitalization and that Twitter has a delete function.

Yesterday, Davis tweeted that he ran into his friend Sean Smith of the Miami Dolphins and Smith had info to share about his looming free agency. Of course, Davis had to tweet that information like the son of Chris Mortensen or maybe someone who actually breaks news.


If this pending deal is true, and let's pretend it's true because it's probably true, this would be a violation of the league rules prohibiting teams from talking to NFL free agents before the league imposed March 9th date. Smith talking to the Chiefs would be considered tampering so Davis is essentially stating that some NFL rules were broken.

To cover his own crack, and to protect his buddy Smith and the Chiefs from feeling the Hammer of Goodell, Davis went into recovery mode. Instead of just deleting the tweet and pretending it never happened (though 173 retweets might make that tough) he claimed his Twitter account was hacked.


If Davis's claims of hacking are true we're being asked to believe that not only didn't he see Sean Smith but a "hacker" broke into his account, posted one tweet about seeing Sean Smith the day before and possibly signing with KC and did nothing else while controlling the account of an NFL player. No penis jokes, no racial slurs against others, not even a change of the team logo to a rival to really stick it to Davis. None of that. Just one tweet about a free agent rumor.  Also, interesting how Davis's account was compromised on or before the original 6:39 pm tweet and Davis was able to notice the issue, contact Twitter, get the situation ironed out and regain control of his account by 7:01 PM -- a process which can sometimes take days to resolve.

Davis posted this tweet three minutes after the reported hack.


Anything and everything? How good are they at removing a foot from a mouth?