So we have a basket of candy sitting at our front desk and while I was looking through it I found Warheads. Now this is probably the most sour candy ever. My devious little mind thought it would be a fun idea to have my co-workers see who could keep one in their mouth the longest.I was correct, it was fun. Rudy, Frank, Chaz and Dave all picked out a Warhead flavor and popped it in their mouth to see who would be the last man standing in the Warhead Challenge.

Before we started Frank noticed that the candy had a warning label that I had not noticed. Maybe I should have had them sign some kind of release form but I took a chance and just proceeded with my challenge sans the legal paper work. The warning by the way (shown above) states that eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths.

Dave and Rudy couldn't hang more than about :30 seconds before spitting the candy out. Chaz and Frank duked it out to the end. Frank turns bright red and makes some interesting faces, while Chaz sits stoically, like it's no big deal.

So who do you think won; Chaz or Frank? Check out the video here