There have been some interesting internet trends over the last couple of years like planking, koalaing, horsemaning, milking and more. Now it's time for 'shmallowing'. Shmallowing is doing trick shots with marshmallows. This screamed a challenge to me so I grabbed some co-workers and went shmallowing.

'Shmallowing' by Townsquare Media Abilene

Obviously we haven't honed our skills; here is a look at some pro shmallowers.


Cool twist to our video on shmallowing. The pioneers of shmallowing, that you see in the above video, saw our version and got in touch with me. Chase Magruder, Nathan Kent and Jonah Traaseth are 19 year old college students from Wisconsin. They loved our version and told me they are overwhelmed with the amount of publicity they are receiving and are currently working on yet another video to share with us soon. Here is my interview with the guys.