It's International Children's Book Day! What was your favorite book as a child? You know, that book when you were 4 or 5 years old that you always flipped through looking at all the great pictures? Wow, talk about memories!

There are two books that come to mind for me. 'Go, Dog. Go!' and 'Are You My Mother?'

Both of these book were written by P. D. Eastman. I of course had a ton of Dr. Suess books as well. So, I find it interesting that there is a connection between these authors.

He was assigned to the Signal Corps Film Unit, which was headed by Theodor Geisel, later to become known as Dr. Seuss; here, Eastman conducted picture planning for animated sequences in orientation and training films, and he also wrote scripts and drew storyboards for the Private Snafu series for Army-Navy Screen Magazine.



What was your favorite book as a child?