Here are some helpful hints of where 'not' to take your sweetie on Valentine's Day. Below is the list I compiled as to the, '5 Worst Places to Take Your Valentine’s Day Date'. Yes, I will admit I've made a couple of these mistakes. Here we go.


  • 1

    Monster Truck Show

    I had a boss that took his beautiful new bride to their first 'Monster Truck' show on Valentine's Day. The groom's second mistake was, that they didn't take any protection. Hearing protection that is.

    Although she wore her white dress and he his tux, their clothes never looked the same after the show. Needless to say the date was a flop.

    On the up side they are both still married after more than 15 years.

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  • 2

    Fast Food Restaurant

    I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been reminded by my wife about my, Valentine's Day faux pas. I thought I would be frugal, (a big, fancy word for saying cheap) and took her to a "fast food" restaurant.

    The only smile I saw that Valentine's Day, was the one from the restaurant's clown mascot.

    Apparently 'Valentine's Day' is Greek for, 'take her to a fancy restaurant'.

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    Gun & Knife Show

    Okay, so I didn't learn anything from my mistake when I discovered that "Mickey D's" is not a place to take my wife for Valentine's Day dinner.

    Yep I'll admit it, I took my wife to a 'Gun & Knife Show' on the day of love. But I was trying to start a new tradition wherein, I would get a new rifle or shotgun on Valentine's Day.

    It worked that year, or did it? Seems I recall buying my own Valentine's Day present and then sleeping on the couch.

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  • 4

    Strip Club

    I don't think this needs any explaining other than, don't do it! No matter who's idea it is.

    A former co-worker once told me that his wife took him to a "gentlemen's club" on Valentine's Day as his present. He said it was all going okay, until his wife realized all the girls knew him by name.

    One dancer even knew the couple's anniversary and son's birth-date. Yep, the day their son was born, my former co-worker celebrated at the strip joint.

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  • 5

    The Gym

    Taking the love of your life to the gym as a part of your Valentine's Day date is not a good idea. It's a lot like, giving that special someone a "Thigh Master" or Gym membership for Christmas.

    I'll start off by saying "as a prank" a doctor friend, gave his wife a gym membership and a talking scale. Only he had the scale reprogrammed to say "one at a time please" when she got on it.

    I believe they're still in marriage counseling.

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