MMA (Mixed Martial-Arts) is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports on the planet that requires years of training before one can enter the ring.

Like many of us, Garrett "G-Money" Holeve is a huge fan of MMA, but not as a spectator. Garrett is a fighter. Garrett also has Down Syndrome. Garrett has learned the many combinations of skills that it takes to be a fighter, but one thing he never had to learn is heart.

Down Syndrome aside, Garrett has the heart of a champion. Garrett has the heart of a fighter.

While his cognitive abilities may not be the same as those his age, his hard work and desire to be a fighter has helped him overcome all obstacles in his way. Earlier this year, Garrett fought in his first fight.

But, not only is Garrett a MMA fighter, he's also a 'giver'. Along with his parents, Garrett started "Garrett's Fight Foundation", a non-profit to help raise money and awareness for special needs athletes.

Garrett, you are a true hero and amazing young man.

A few months back, ESPN aired a feature on Garrett that literally left me in tears.

Watch ESPN's "Garrett's Fight" Feature now