The Super Bowl commercials weren’t without some early surprises and who better to keep and deliver a secret than J.J. Abrams. Though it was widely reported that Paramount would use their Super Bowl ad time on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 trailer, it turns out that might’ve been a clever bit of misdirection. Right before kickoff, Paramount instead debuted a revealing new 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer, which gives some serious hints at its connection to the original Cloverfield.

The trailer set up the plot as we know it: a woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is in a car crash and is rescued (?) by an apocalypse nut (John Goodman) and kept in his underground bunker. He says he’s saving her from some unseen menace above, but is he lying? Judging by what the footage shows when she leaves said bunker, it does not appear as if he was joking.


So, how connected to Cloverfield is 10 Cloverfield Lane? Abrams has previously referred to the film as a “blood relative” to the original film, though we do know from those in attendance at early test screenings, the film had no overt connections to Matt Reeves’ found footage monster movie. But, after Paramount struggled to figure out what to do with the film, they rejiggered the movie (originally titled Valencia) to connect it with the Cloverfield universe with some clever reshoots/editing.

10 Cloverfield Lane opens in theaters on March 11.

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