The people in Texas definitely contend for the most proud state residents in America, but we all have to be honest with ourselves sometimes. Texas is amazing. When I moved from California years ago, I quickly felt like I found home after feeling like an outcast on the west coast for 28 years. But it was still a process. I had to adapt because let's face it: there's nowhere else on earth quite like the lone star state.

So here are reasons why you should NOT live in Texas - in case you were considering it.

  • 1

    The food is too good and too big

    I've had this problem in Texas. I was raised to finish my plate, but what if you're plate had 5 pounds of chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes n' gravy, and a 32 oz sweet tea to wash it down - you might think twice. If you like to finish your plate, be prepared to be full. All of the time. Southern cooking is only one facet of Texas food you'll have to wolf down. Don't forget chips and queso, BBQ, huge margaritas with a beer on top, chili... My mouth is watering, but my stomach hurts.

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    You'll feel guilty staying inside

    Do you like to sit at home and read books, play video games in air conditioning, or 'Netflix and chill'? Well, don't move to Texas. The sun is out all the time, we're surrounded by lakes and rivers to float on and fish in, and there are over 89 water parks in the state of Texas alone. So, unless you live in a basement with your windows blacked out, you might feel kinda bad that you just spent Saturday and Sunday in the same pair of underwear.

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  • 3

    You have to share the Dallas Cowboys with the whole nation (America's team)

    Sharing. Who likes to do that? The Dallas Cowboys is 'America's Team'. There are no other sports teams with that designation (except Team USA), so us Cowboys fans HAVE to share - especially with Dak and Zeke.

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  • 4

    You'll have to wave and say hello to your neighbors

    People around you want to know how your day is going and if they can help make it better. Deal with it or don't live in Texas. It's something the coastal states definitely take for granted as they all walk down busy streets with their heads buried in their phones. I think I wave good morning from my car at least 5 times every morning on my way to work - and I live less than a mile from the studio.

  • 5

    If you don't like music, you're going to hate Texas

    Ever hear a little thing called Texas Country? On any given weekend, especially in the summer, you can find one of the many talented red dirt musicians playing at one of your favorite music venues or BBQ joints. We like to drink beer, eat food and listen to music. So if you don't like music, you may be in the wrong state. Maybe try Alaska or something...

    Cody Johnson in Tyler, TX | Jason Eisenberg, TSM
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    You will become a BBQ snob no matter what

    After eating some of the best barbecue Texas has to offer, you will ALWAYS compare your future BBQ adventures to this one. When you visit North Carolina people will roll their eyes when you walk through the door because they know you'll say, "This ain't bad. It's no Texas BBQ, though". Oh... people are going to hate you... you BBQ snob, you. Don't worry though, one visit to a BBQ festival like Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival will get everyone on your side.

    Jason Eisenberg | TSM
  • 7

    Sky is too big. You'll hurt your neck eventually

    Those big Texas skies. It's one of the greatest things about this state, except you'll wind up spending a ton of money on chiropractors. Why? Because you'll have sustained a neck injury from looking up all of the time.

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  • 8

    You have to think about what to buy with the money you didn't spend on state taxes

    Ughh more choices!? When you get your paycheck in Texas, you're fortunate enough to not have state taxes taken out - that's awesome! But now what are you going to do with that extra money? Decisions are annoying. Let the state decide what to do with your money, am I right?

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  • 9

    Too many food decisions: Mex? Tex-Mex? Both?

    We've already discussed that the food is good and the food is big, and so is your next decision for dinner. If you hate making choices, you'll hate living in Texas.

    Jason Eisenberg | TSM
  • 10

    There's no escape in sight!

    Leaving Texas isn't easy. It's 773 miles east to west and 801 miles from north to south, according to the Texas Almanac.

    Also, if you like to drive at a moderate speed, you're gonna hate it because we have speed limits upwards of 85 miles per hour!

    So if you wind up moving here and the prior 9 reasons has you looking for the door, your escape will be long-winded.

    Jason Eisenberg | TSM