Alright guys, we all know you love handy projects and we all know you love to play with PVC pipe. OK, that might sound weird.

I found this video and I really think you are gonna like it.

Some of the projects included in this video are:

  • Making a razor holder for your shower.
  • An easy way to clean your gutters without getting on a ladder.
  • An outdoor drink holder.
  • A great way to keep things cool in your cooler. I LOVE this idea.
  • Make a firewood carrier.
  • Make a quick handle so you can carry a lot of plastic grocery bags at one time and not hurt your hands.
  • Find a snake in your house? Yikes! This little handy tool will help you capture it. In fact if you live in an area where you are more prone to have snakes around, I suggest you make this tool now and keep it somewhere handy for future use.
  • Check out the easy way to extend the height of your chain link fence.
  • A great way to make a clamp.
  • You'll also learn of an easy and safe way to store your hand saws.

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