Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have announced they are expecting their 20th child, due in April. The Arkansas couple and stars of TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting,’ clearly love children, so while they busy themselves sprucing up their nursery yet again, we thought we’d honor their 20th bundle of joy with — what else? — 20 jokes about having such a large family.

1. Having 20 kids is not going to make people have a better opinion of Arkansas.

2. The Duggars have enough kids to field a football team, which may explain why they have been invited to join the SEC.

3. All their kids have names that start with a “J.” The next child will be named “Just Stop, Already.”

4. You know why their last name is Duggar? After 20 kids, they’ve dug themselves into a mountain of debt.

5. It stinks being the middle child, but it really stinks when you’re one of 18 of them.

6. You should not have as many kids as you do fingers and toes.

7. It’s okay to have 20 kids, but only if you’re running an orphanage.

8. At the rate they’re going, the Duggars will have more kids than Kim Kardashian did days of marriage.

9. It’d be great if the Duggars and the Octomom got their kids to star in a production of ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.’

10. One more kid and they have blackjack!

11. This is amazing. Jim Bob has fathered 20 kids and somehow he doesn’t play in the NBA.

12. This family is so big, the siblings have to wear name tags.

13. In this house, you have to book a reservation just to say goodnight.

14. If you think Monopoly takes long to play with your family, try getting in on a game with the Duggars.

15. The hand-me-downs this baby will get will be so old, they’ll be back in style. Sometime in 2027, he’ll be rocking a very cool Members Only jacket.

16. Don’t you just hate it when a show has to resort to having a baby to jumpstart ratings? It ruined ‘Family Ties.’

17. The whole family doesn’t eat together because putting that many people in one room would be a fire hazard.

18. The Duggars are helping the economy. Their babysitter has already saved enough money for a year’s tuition in college.

19. You know you have a lot of kids when you have enough for your own Occupy Wall Street protest.

20. There are so many people in this family they’re going to unionize.

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