It’s a well established fact that anything is about 100% better when Michael McDonald sings it. Which was why we were so thrilled to hear the ‘Yacht Rock‘ god covering the ‘Saved By the Bell‘ theme song on ’30 Rock: The Donaghy Files,’ a web spin-off the NBC show.

It is true ‘The Donaghy Files’ are animated, so we don’t get the full effect of McDonald’s silver whiskers and ice blue eyes, but the voice — oh the voice — was there.

The premise  of the episode was that either McDonald, Cee Lo Green, Ryan Adams, or Danny Glover’s “Childish Gambino”  hip hop persona (who all also sing in the episode) would replace Madonna as the Super Bowl halftime performer, and sing a classic NBC theme song. Of course that would never really happen, because the NFL would never allow its big game to be upstaged by such awesomeness.

[via BuzzFeed]

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