It’s tax time! It can get overwhelming to file all alone. Here are a few resources that might help.

The IRS Website

The IRS’s website, while written in legalese, is the ultimate guide to everything you’ll need to know about your taxes. Here, you can download tax forms and find out which items are deductible. The site is a valuable resource if you’re filing your own taxes.

Tax Preparation Software

If you’re not a total pro at filing taxes, consider using some automated help. TurboTax and Tax Act are helpful tools that get the job done in less than a few hours. It records your information from previous years so next time it’ll go even faster.


Maybe the thought of doing all this yourself gives you nightmares. Luckily there are people who do this for a living. Search the web for a local accountant. Just answer a few questions and they’ll take care of all the dirty work. It’s slightly more expensive, but they’re working to get you as much money as they can. Plus, you can just pay them with your tax refund.

Post Office

You’ve finally finished your taxes. Everything is in order, now all you need to do is send your forms. You want to ensure that everything is postmarked by April 18th. Check the USPS site for hours and locations. Some branches offer extended hours during tax season.

Where Do Our Taxes Go?

Taxes fund so many government services that we take for granted. They pay for interstate highways, National Parks, public schools, libraries, police & fire departments, museums, sanitation, water, electricity and so much more. Take advantage of all these services you already helped pay for. keeps track of exactly where our tax dollars go.

- Contributed by Josh Heller

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