It seems the world has gone "Hey, Alexa" this and "Hey, Alexa" that. For many of us, it is a household name. I have a buddy who had his entire home wired into Alexa. A smart house. She could turn on lamps and televisions, adjust thermostats, and even refill the dog's water bowl, all on command. Boy, times sure have changed from when I was growing up. It's all about Alexa these days.

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I was snooping around on the internet as I constantly do and came across an article from Family Handyman. It lined out several things you would never want to ask Alexa unless you want a little sass in return. I sat down with my Alexa and gave these all a try. I didn't want to put anything out there unless I experienced it. Now, I get it. These are some things to avoid asking Alexa according to Family Handyman.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

"Hey, Alexa, How Old Are You?"

How unpolite. If you try asking this, Alexa responds with some jokes. My favorite was her trying to explain her age in nanoseconds. Even Alexa has got jokes.

"Hey, Alexa, What Do Various Animals Sound Like?"

Be forewarned when asking Alexa this question. You'll get more than you bargained for. If you want animal sounds, that's exactly what she gives you, continuously. Your neighbors may think you have a zoo in your home.

"Hey Alexa, Can You Beatbox?"

While Siri tries, if you ask me, Amexa is the better beatboxer. Give it a try.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

"Hey, Alexa, What's 10 to the Power of 308?"

I hope you have some time for this one. Alexa will show off her mathematical power by giving you the right answer, which is then followed by 308 zeros. Told you it may take a while.

"Hey Alexa, Tell Me a Mom Joke"

Alexa won't diss on momma, instead, she'll shower you with positive words about how great your mom is. If you're looking for some motherly retaliation, you won't find it with this command.

"Hey Alexa, Laugh For Me"

If you want to hear a lame electronic "tee-hee", go right ahead. You'd think she'd do a better job. Remember you can't just say "Alexa laugh", it has to be, "Alexa laugh for me."

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

"Hey Alexa, Calculate Pi"

Here's another one where Alexa will flex her mathematical muscles and continuously spit out a bunch of numbers. You can hang out for the show, however, sometimes I've heard she makes a joke about being allergic to numbers that big.

Sometimes these "smart" devices are too "smart" for their own good. I think it would be fascinating to live in a totally smart home. However, with any computer or AI, things are bound to fail. That's when you have some hassle on your hands.

Smart speakers are gaining popularity quickly and are already in a bunch of homes and offices. Sometimes the setup can get a little confusing when adding a new Alexa. Have no fear. Keep scrolling as we have the step-by-step breakdown on getting you up and running right from your phone.

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