Terry McGlade of Zanesville, Ohio is a Marine who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Several years ago, he was injured by a roadside bomb and had to end his service. And since then, he's suffered from PTSD and seizures.

So two years ago, he got a service dog named Major, who's trained to sense when Terry's in trouble. But he wasn't trained to do THIS.

Recently, Terry started having a pretty serious seizure, and wasn't able to call for help.  But the dog realized what was happening, and while Terry was on the ground, it started pawing at the pocket Terry had his cell phone in.

Eventually it managed to get the phone out. And luckily Terry had it set up to call 911 with a push of a button. Because Major started chewing and stepping on it, and made SEVERAL calls to 911.

Then he ran outside, sat on the curb, and waited for the ambulance. And when it got there, he led them straight to Terry.

Terry says he had to get a new phone afterward, because the other one was covered in bite marks. But he's not sure what would have happened if Major hadn't called for help.  And now he's entered him in something called the "Hero Dog Awards".

You can vote at HeroDogAwards.org.


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