Hooray, we’re finally in the semi-finals! It’s been a long time coming but we’re down to twelve contestants in this season of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ 

The finals are officially in two weeks and only three acts performing tonight will be able to advance forward. That means if either of these acts mess up even in the slightest then it’s curtains for them.

First up is one of our favorites, Andrew De Leon. He blew away the crowd with his strongest performance on the show yet. Before his performance starts he expresses having a hard time with his music rehearsals. Regardless, he’s trying his best to improve in order to be perfect on stage for everyone watching. He goes with a more classical tune, singing “Ave Maria” in his ever-improving voice. We wish he would move around on the stage a little more but still, what a hell of a voice. The judges have mixed feelings about how he did tonight but still believe that he’s something special. He took their criticism with grace, but will he make it to the finals? That’s up for you guys to decide.

Todd Oliver and Irving! They definitely impressed the judges last time with the presidential bit, and step it up again this time with The Todd Oliver Show. They throw their act into a late night talk show setting with Irving as the special guest. They talk about all forms of current events, tickling the audience’s funny bones and top it off with a cute joke involving Howard Stern. The judges and audience certainly do love what the dog and his master can dish out.

Welcome back Donovan and Rebecca, the crazy acrobatic/balancing act that have gotten so far with their grace and strength. Between the twirls, strength and the cool look of their whole act, it’s super exciting, especially given the fact that she’s managing to hold up her husband through the strength of her legs in high heeled boots. Heels really do hurt after awhile, so might we say that Rebecca is an amazing woman. The judges believe they should be one of the three acts that should be shoved up to the final round. We’ll see.

Oh look it’s Edon, the cute young boy whose been winning over the hearts of people everywhere with his baby face and skill behind the piano and singing. He believes his performance will show a different side of him. Unfortunately it only shows that he’s picked the wrong song and is struggling through pockets of said performance. He still managed to win over the judges except for Howard. We agree with Howard, we weren’t really won over by the song selection either. It might have made or broken this possible winning act.

Remember the Scott Brothers? They’re the dancing duo who’re related by blood (obviously). In the preview talk they go on about how they’ve inspired to dance thanks to their mother. They choke up, thinking it may be one of the last times she’ll see them on stage. Hopefully their mother doesn’t see this part of the episode because we imagine she may scold them for saying such things. They’ve got some nice moves but overall they don’t wow. The judges are on the fence with them and we are too.

Uh oh, here comes Eric Dittelman, the self-proclaimed psychic. So he begins his act by making Howard Stern color in different parts of a drawing of himself but with a variety of markers. Now he’s making everyone else at home pick a particular shape in their head which he reveals shortly after. Some members of the audience are shocked to see it. Howard’s drawing matches the one that Dittleman reveals he did earlier and everyone’s won over. Howard spouts again how he believes he should make it to the finals. Hopefully he doesn’t say this to the remainder of the contestants on the stage tonight cause that’d prove to be difficult since there are three performance slots open.

Now we give you Turf, the very flexible dancer that’s gotten this far through his amazing skills. He’s saying that he’s going to jump out of his box and do something new, but what exactly is that? It’s pulling off crazy moves on the floor tonight, but his pacing is inconsistent. When he’s going fast he’s absolutely amazing out, but when he slows down it’s a little off. Howard thinks it’s too repetitive while Howie is amazed so much that he gave a standing ovation along with the rest of the audience.

Then there’s Bria Kelly, the country singer who has one heck of an onstage presence. She tones it down compared to her previous performance and goes out on the stage by herself in a sparkly outfit singing a slower pop song. She still has a little ways to go improving her voice but it’s still powerful enough to grab attention. But Sharon and Howie still believe that she wasn’t able to blow up the same way on stage she did last time.

Let us not forget Joe Castillo, the sand artist who’s able to tell stories through his fantastic ability. He’s ready to bring us through another story, and it’s a really sweet tale of brotherhood through the use of a couple of wonderfully illustrated pieces and some fitting music. Most of the judges enjoy what he did except for Howard. Well, there needs to be at least one judge who isn’t won over by everything.

William Close is a talented man who makes his own instruments – including his now famous Earth Harp – and performs with them. He manages to take full advantage of the stage, one of the very few performers out of the whole group tonight who makes their act feel like it’s a real Vegas show. The crowd doesn’t want to be fixated on just one single thing — they want to be wowed by all that’s going on from the start to the end of the stage. The judges are absolutely transfixed by what they saw.

Here comes some comedy dished out by Tom Cotter. This comedian made it so far thanks to his impeccable comedic timing and material. And here he’s on top of his game and can improv without succumbing to the pressure of being up on stage in front of many people. We agree with Howard, if America doesn’t vote him into the next round then we don’t know what’s wrong with them.

Lastly is the Academy of Villains, the dance group. They’re another group that takes full advantage of the large stage. This act of theirs, and this performance is a lot better than before. They utilize the stage better, and do a great transition into another song in the middle of their routine, taking the tone down a little bit. That’s how you end a show and the judges agree.

It’s going to be difficult seeing most of these acts go, but the decisions will be made on tomorrow night’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ And we’ll be back tomorrow for those decisions.

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