Now that there are over 1 billion smartphones out there, the time seems about right for there to be a next big thing. If Google's Sergey Bring has anything to say about it, the next big thing is going to be a computer you wear on your face. But what's Apple's answer to Google Glass? There's a lot of speculation out there that it might be some kind of smartwach. Does this mean everyone will get to talk into their wrists like James Bond? Or Dick Tracy?

According to Nick Bilton at the New York Times, that just might be the case, as Apple is reportedly tinkering with a curved-glass wristwatch that runs iOS. If that turns out to be true, this new device, whatever it ends up being, will do a lot more than just tell you the time of day.

In the article, Bilton refers to his sources as, "people familiar with the company's explorations," who go unnamed. Sure, it's all speculation at this point. But Apple putting out a smartwatch is not totally out of the question either.

The 6th generation of the iPod nano, with its small squarish design, was practically a watch already. And the recent success of the Kickstarter-funded Pebble SmartWatch shows that there seems to be a market out there for wristwatch computers.

But until we get official word handed down from Mount Cupertino, we will have to wait and see. Our guess is that Apple is coming up with something cool.

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