Okay, I for one am from the school of thought that believes 'there is a Santa Claus and there will always be a Santa.' Some people want to believe that there is no Santa and I always ask, "Then why all the Christmas holiday hoopla?" This year I found a way to prove my beliefs.

Every year millions of people get ready for the Christmas holiday by putting up trees, decorating, shopping and being nice to one another in general. Why do all that if you don't believe. Look I've always said "there's a 'lie' in believe" but you can't lie to the camera. Since the invention of those hunting/sports cameras, the jolly fat guy has been caught red handed eating lots of cooking and leaving lots of awesome presents.

Okay, about that 'prove my beliefs' I promised earlier. You and I need air to breathe, right? Just because you can't see air doesn't mean it's not real. So there, Santa Clause is as real as the air we breathe. Now take a deep breath and take a look at video proof I found.

Santa Clause Caught on Tape #1

Santa Clause Caught on Tape #2

Santa Clause Caught on Tape #3

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