Oh my gosh! You've heard parrots talk before, right? Well, this one just might take the cake. This bird is the bomb. Or should I say Bond, James Bond?

I'm not sure which Bond this parrot is mimicking but it's great! Personally, I think he's in a Sean Connery mode. What do you think?

This is an Grey African Parrot and I'm sure a lot of people would love one of these birds, but they are a BIG responsibility.

Here is some great information from birds.about.com.

Because they are so intelligent, African Grey Parrots form very strong bonds with their owners, and can be quite emotionally needy. Due to this trait, they do best with owners who can devote ample time to handling and socializing with them on a daily basis. In addition, African Grey parrots need a lot of exercise in order to keep their strong muscles toned and maintain an adequate physical condition. This means that they must be able to spend several hours per day outside of their cages, playing in supervised, "parrot proof" areas.


African Grey parrots have been known to live for up to 80 years in captivity, so it's imperative that those who adopt them can commit to a lifetime of living with a bird. African Grey parrots are too emotionally sensitive to be able to handle being bounced from owner to owner, but sadly many of them do have several homes throughout their lifetimes because people rush into adopting them without fully thinking it through. You can help put an end to situations like these by helping to educate people about African Grey ownership, and by making sure that you set a good example for bird owners who might be interested in adopting such a parrot.

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