Al Jardine may have jumped the gun, but he told an interviewer that Capitol Records will release the Beach Boys 'Smile' album this summer.

You may remember that Brian Wilson released a solo version of the album in 2004. Fans never thought that it would be released at all. It's the most legendary 'lost' album from the band, and it's been shelved sinced its unfinished and chaotic creation.

Jardine said, "Capitol Records plans to issue a Beach Boys version of Smile sometime this summer to begin the celebration of the Beach Boys' anniversary. Smile is the Holy Grail for Beach Boys' fans, so it will be good. I don't have many details on it, although we didn't do any new recording. I'm happy to see it finally come out. Brian's changed his mind about releasing the material, but it was inevitable, wasn't it?"

If you've heard the solo version of the work by Brian, you know it's an unqualified work of genius. It's not what you could describe as commercial, but the level of musical creativity is incredible. I hope Al Jardine knows what he's talking about. Read the full interview here. (via