Now that the bad winter weather is upon us, I'll have to admit that I'm a little scared to say the least. With a real cold front on the horizon and icy conditions being threatened, I am having issues with not having the right vehicle. During the last bad ice and snow storm I got stuck, twice. Thanks to Joyce O'Bar and their wrecker service I was rescued. It's been well over a year and I still don't have what my family and I need to get around town on bad weather days. While the rest of the world can take a couple days off, I must still go to the station and keep everyone updated on the 'bad weather.' Now I'm still in the market for a vehicle that can pass the grade, if there is one.

I was encouraged that some vehicles do better than others. I learned (from a Tom's Tire World employee) that the type of tires and weight distribution have a lot to do with traversing the elements successfully. The two days of icy roads in Abilene, I had to rely on the help from friends to get me to and from work, something that left me feeling completely helpless, (since I no longer own a 4x4 truck with big snow/mud tires). One of those rides came from fellow coworker and Rocker Frank Pain who happens to drive a GMC Envoy that maneuvered around Abilene like a nimble Indy car. Franks GMC ate up the ice. That brings me to my final point, while I was researching for my next car, truck, van or SUV I discovered from Autobytel that Franks GMC is still making the grade and is on the top ten list of best vehicles for snow or ice. Check it out for yourself, see the complete results at

Now for some winter and Holiday fun, check out the video that incorporates wonderful Christmas music and horrible driving conditions. Enjoy!

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