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Now that our crazy winter weather is behind us and warmer days of spring are ahead, West Texans are looking forward to spending more time outside. That said those creepy crawly insects that have been hiding underground during the winter months are moving too and they're looking for food and water inside our homes.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an Abilene exterminator from the Bug Doctor, Branson Hurt. Branson alerted us to the fact that fire ants, spiders, and scorpions are right now invading our living spaces. When those little creepy, crawly, critters can’t find water because of the drought here in West Texas, those insects start looking for water and making their way into our homes.

Hurt said “the first thing a homeowner needs to do is start sealing up our homes with caulking. Then we should look at fogging our attics with fogger cans that you can buy at the grocery store or the hardware store. Scorpions and spiders love to live in the attic because it’s warm and dry there plus there’s not a lot of human traffic there.

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Furthermore, Branson says that because of the unseasonably dry winter and the dry spring thus far, he has been seeing an abnormally high amount of cricket and cockroach activity whenever he’s spraying homes around Abilene and the Big Country.

A couple of things we must remember to check on and I haven’t thought of this in years. One is when you look up at your heating and air conditioning ducts and your light fixtures if you can see darkness around where they touch the ceiling, it’s time to re-caulk those areas to keep those creepy critters from coming in out of the attic.

The second is if your bed is directly below a lighting fixture or heating and air conditioning duct. Hurt recommends you move it away from those areas to keep critters from landing on you while you're sleeping. Of all the critters that are trespassing into our homes, the ant is the most resilient the video below explains why.

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