J.P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson died in a plane crash in February of 1959, along with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens.  It's one of the most famous and tragic accidents in music history, and has come to be known as 'the day the music died'.  The photo here shows Richardson's casket just before burial.

Flash forward to a few months later that year when Buddy Holly's pistol was found at the crash site after a snow thaw.  The rumors began about possible gun play on board the airplane and finally in 2007, Richardson's son agreed to an exhumation and autopsy on his father to either refute or prove the claims.  Another impetus for the exhumation was that the Big Bopper's remains could be moved to a different part of Forrest Lawn Cemetery where erected, above ground markers were allowed.  The autopsy revealed no gunshot wounds, and the fact that Richardson died instantly.

Any time there is an exhumation, remains must be re-interred in a new casket.  Thus, this questionable, at least from an ethical standpoint, auction.  The auction site linked here is indeed taking bids on the original casket that J.P. Richardson was buried in.  It's fascinating in a very twisted, macabre way.  And it makes one wonder about the motives of Richardson's son in allowing this auction to proceed.

It has been housed since 2008 at the Texas Musicians Museum in Waxahachie.  Would you want such an item in your possession?  Do you feel it's wrong that the family is allowing the auction?  Does it disrespect the man and his family? Would you have a thought, even at the back of your mind, that such an item could be cursed or at the very least be bad luck to own?

Whatever your thoughts, it's mind boggling that this is out there for sale.  Bids start at $1,000 and there's a 'buy it now' price of $125,000.  The auction ends on January 4, 2012.  You can view it here at WebStore.com

Below is a video from the Texas Musicans Museum teasing the viewing of the casket: