Today marks 52 years since the death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and JP 'The Big Bopper Richardson'.  The plane crash that took their lives happened in the early morning hours after a February 2nd performance in Clear Lake, Iowa.


There have been countless tributes, stories, remembrances and vigils over the years.  Buddy Holly was 22 years old and his songs were so far ahead of their time, it's beyond belief. It's still awe inspiring to listen to his catalog of music.

The story of who got on the plane is chilling, because it came down to a coin toss.  Buddy's guitarist Tommy Allsup flipped a 50 cent piece to decide who would get on the plane in his seat....Allsup...or Buddy.  Buddy won the toss.  Tommy Allsup says he still has the coin.  There have been other stories out there about the coin flip, and who was involved.  And of course, there is still speculation as to what caused the plane to crash.

I located an awesome website with some beautiful and rare color photos from that Winter Dance Party Tour.  You can click on various dates leading up to the February 2nd show in Clear Lake.  The photos show Buddy, Ritchie, and JP signing autographs, playing on stage, posing with fans, and clowning for the camera.  I never knew so many shots existed, and the quality is incredible.  Go to to see the incredible pictures.  (via

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