It was 53 years ago today - February 3rd. 1959- that we lost Buddy Holly, Richie Valenz and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.  A day that came to be known as 'The Day The Music Died'.

The tragedy was depicted in song by Don McLean in 'American Pie'.  It is perhaps the most incredible tribute to the lives lost on that winter night in 1959.

Buddy Holly was inarguably ahead of his time musically.  He was just 22 years old at the time of his death, and had already written so many timeless songs.  When you listen to the music in retrospect, some of the songs could have been written and played in any generation.  The musical structure, melody, and compositional talent is way beyond almost anything else of the era. Songs like 'Everyday', 'True Love Ways', 'Well Alright', and the rockers that indeed do sound like the 1950s such as 'Peggy Sue' and 'That'll Be The Day'...all have their place in the history of rock and roll music.

Buddy is a Texas music original, hailing from Lubbock, holding strong connections to Clovis, New Mexico where much of his material was recorded at Norman Petty Studios.  The music definitely lives on.  Check out Buddy Holly and The Picks on an alternate version of 'Well Alright':

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