Big Country AIDS Resources (BCAR), a nonprofit that serves Abilene and 19 counties in the surrounding area, now has an on-site pharmacy offering in-person expanded medication services.

Since 1989, Big Country AIDS Resources has focused on preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS, along with providing support for individuals living with HIV in the area. They also provide access to physical clinic space, healthcare providers, case managers, and community education on HIV / AIDS care and prevention. 

While the organization has provided medication for a long time through a partnership with Avita Pharmacies, the addition of an on-site pharmacy means patients no longer have to receive their meds by mail. This includes PReP medication, which is used to prevent the contraction of the HIV virus.

Avita Pharmacies specializes in HIV, STI, and LGBTQ+ healthcare but is open to all, so Big Country area residents can now receive affirming and appropriate care in a timely manner. The pharmacy is designed with cleanliness and comfort in mind so that residents feel comfortable and connected to their community. Financial assistance programs are available to help with medication costs. 

The addition of the new pharmacy now opens more doors for Big Country AIDS Resources to focus on its main objective — education. The organization wants to continue to inform Abilene and surrounding counties about the prevention and treatment methods available. If you’re interested in finding out more about their resources or pharmacy, you can visit them online here. You can also find more HIV / AIDS health resources through the Abilene Pride Alliance and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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