I haven't seen one like this in a long time. Abilene and the surrounding area will remain at sub freezing temperatures through about midday on Friday, February 4th.


With overnight lows tonight once again dropping down into the single digits, street conditions are not expected to improve much at all.

We had a similar cold snap in Abilene around January of 1983 as I recall. That's the only other point in my lifetime that I can recall temps staying in the single digits and teens for about three days. And during that cold front, the area affected was confined to Texas and New Mexico.

This particular storm is being called historic, colossal, and other superlatives for a reason. It has affected a 2,100 mile wide swath across the central United States. Estimates indicate that 100 million of us are impacted. In other words, it hit one third of the country.

I'm looking forward to Friday when the high temperature should be about 36 degrees. If for no other reason, it'll be safer to be on the streets with the other inexperienced winter drivers. Take it slow out there.

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