Parents if you want to prove to your kids that Santa has been to your house you have to check out this amazing site/App. You CAN 'Capture the Magic'.

As a kid, you wanted so badly to stay awake all night just so you could catch a glimpse of Santa bringing your presents. You listened closely to hear the reindeer on the roof of the house. You left cookies and milk out for Santa and Rudolph. This little gem will bring back some of the magic for you and give your kids something to remember forever.

The App allows you to upload your photos and merge them with stickers of characters, such as Santa, elves and reindeer and show your kids. Proof, so to speak, that Santa actually visits your house.

The website is 'Capture the Magic' and the App is 'Catchy'. You can save, print or share your photos on social media. Other characters featured are the tooth fairy, leprechauns, cupid and more.

I have some little kids in my life that will love this just as much...maybe more than Elf on the Shelf. I mean, a picture is worth a million words right? I would have loved this as a kid...actually I love it now and I'm a little bit out of the targeted age range.

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