Christina Aguilera is being suuuuuuuper picky about her projects right now, and, well, she has earned that right.

Singer-songwriter duo A Great Big World have found their way onto Xtina's radar with their moving single 'Say Something,' an achingly beautiful song that will be performed live by Xtina and the twosome on 'The Voice' tonight (Nov. 5).

Xtina loved the song so much that she asked the pair if she could record it with them in the studio. Yeah, that's an offer you don't refuse.

The singer said, "I'm only taking on projects that feel good to me and represent a purpose of the 'here and now' in my life, and that's what this song 'Say Something' actually does for me."

The intimate, black-and-white footage of Xtina and the duo working in the studio puts you inside the moment with them -- that's a lot of candles. You can tell that the songbird was touched by this song.

Settle in and get to know the song as you watch Xtina and A Great Big World work together.

And yes, we though of the Austin Mahone song for a second, too. But tunes are not even in the same ballpark, sonically speaking, since this song is slow and Mahone's is an upbeat pop jam.

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