A man who left a briefcase packed with drugs and illegal prescription drugs is now in the King County jail, after committing one of the dumbest acts ever by a criminal.

Last Sunday, according to KING-5TV, the man was outside Century Link Field, and set down his briefcase to pet the dog that belonged to a football fan leaving the stadium. The 19-year-old man, who's identity was not released, then walked off, leaving the case behind.

The dog owner, realizing the man had left his belongings, didn't see where he went. He gave the case to an officer who was directing traffic near the stadium. The policeman, hoping to find the identity of the case, which was not locked, opened it.

What was inside was shocking! 50 diazepram pills, without prescription, a small amount of pot, a scale, 27 bags of cocaine totaling 154 grams, AND the man's cellphone!

But it gets better.  The guy returned a short time later, and asked the officer if he'd found his briefcase. We wish we'd have been there to witness the officer's response! The guy is now in the King County Jail on a laundry list of charges.

Maybe put off petting the dog next time, and pay attention to your 'stuff.'

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