You're spending a quiet night at home with your family, carving a pumpkin in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween night and suddenly, your home is invaded. What do you do?

One Arlington man used just what he had at his disposal: a pumpkin carving knife.

Scott Hackney was alerted to the intruder's presence by his dogs and found a strange man in his home rifling through his wife's purse Tuesday night. Seconds later, Hackney and the stranger were in a struggle together and Hackney stabbed the intruder in the back, called out for a neighbor to call 911 and held the invader there until police arrived.

Turns out the intruder had already stolen a car, fuel and had wrecked the stolen vehicle along I-20 before taking off on foot and ultimately breaking into Hackney's home.

Reuters has identified the suspect as Buford Boone.  Boone has been charged with car theft and robbery.

See the report from Fox 4 News below.

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