My friend Amos could have called to wish me a happy birthday, or sent a card in the mail, or send me well-wishes on Facebook. But Amos is different. Very different.

Rather than send along any of the previously mentioned (and very appreciated) birthday greeting, Amos paid some dude in Sri Lanka to wish me a happy birthday in a way that I will never forget. Rather than attempt to describe what he paid this guy to do, I'll just share the video with you. Besides, you really need to see it to believe it.

Wow. I'm struggling for words.

Amos tells me he found this Sri Lankan gentleman on the web at If you want to send someone a personalized greeting from him, his fee starts at $5.00 (like every other service on the site, which ranges from translating documents to graphic design). It takes only a few minutes to tell this fellow how you want your message to be personalized, and then he goes to work!

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