I usually play disc golf year round. But, now that Spring is here, many more will be hitting the courses. That means even more discs will be thrown in the water. Whether you lost your disc and need to get it out of the water, or you periodically search for lost discs, here's a device that will help you. The Disc Diver 'Golden Retriever'. 

This handy little device folds up so you can stash it in your disc golf bag. You simply unfold it, toss it beyond the disc in the hazard, and scoop that sucker up. You can get it in a 15 foot rope or a 30 foot rope for unlimited reach.

I don't know about you, but I could use one of these bad boys. Between Cal Young and Will Hair park, I've lost a ton of discs over the years.

For more info on the Disc Diver 'Golden Retriever', check out their website.

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