The past traditional roles of a husband as breadwinner and wife as homemaker have all but disappeared in America, at least as far as news reports. No doubt these roles are still played out there, but are much less common these days.

But in some countries, the traditional roles survive and thrive. And when it comes to divorce, the role of the homemaker is worth some 'bread'!

The Supreme Court in Spain handed down a ruling in a divorce settlement that the wife/homemaker is entitled to about $153,000 from her soon to be ex-husband. The judge in the case, Encarnacion Roca, figured that sum from the 15 years of marriage, awarding the woman, Maria Piedad, about $850 per month over that time period for her housework and the raising of the couple's daughter.

I think the husband got off light don't you? $850 a month is a pittance for the duties she performed in housekeeping and rearing a child at home. It's a full time job after all. And it's worth noting that, for over half of the 20th century, women in America in the role of housewife or homemaker, would deserve compensation in any similar divorce. (via

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