Prior to veteran actor Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis was an 'under-the-radar' brew that wasn't making much money for it's owner, Heineken.

But with the launch of the of the most brilliant and well-known advertising campaigns in history, The Most Interesting Man in The World helped the beer triple it's revenue and market footprint.

But all good things must come to an end. After the nine-year run, Dos Equis will have The Most Interesting Man embark on his final adventure.

According to USA Today, Goldsmith will launch on a one-way trip to Mars in a space rocket, never to return. The company plans to revise and revamp it's 'Interesting' ads with a younger man, and will try to launch off the original theme.  Details still being decided, but they will not abandon the idea entirely, it's expected to be rather different though.

The wildly successful campaign was the inspiration for countless memes, spoofs, other TV spinoff ads, and even people who used cardboard cutouts of Goldsmith as passengers in their cars so they could drive in carpool lanes on freeways!

Here's a look, courtesy of Dos Equis via YouTube, of what his final adventure will look like:

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