It's an often-discussed subject, does St. Patricks Day bring huge spikes in beer sales? How much do we drink, anyway?

After a thorough search of a variety of sources, we've found while beer sales do go up on the Irish Holiday, most of the spending comes from bars and restaurants. There isn't a huge spike in beer sales, like you see with the Super Bowl or other events. It does go up, but not that much.

According to a study done by Guinness, makers of the world-famous Stout beers, and Ask The Experts online, the average person will spend about $35 dollars towards parties on the day, the majority of that drinking. Guinness also estimates about 13 million pints of their various beers will be consumed world-wide.

Some other facts about what was originally an Irish religious holiday, that's turned into a consumption-fest for many Americans:

  • As of 2015, there are at least 100 different St. Patrick's holiday cards available from Hallmark, the world leader in greeting cards.
  • 82% of Americans will wear something with green on it, even if just a lapel pin.
  • 52% plan some sort of celebration.

Some other lesser known, and even sobering, facts about the holiday:

  • 45lbs.-the amount of vegetable oil dye used to turn the Chicago River green for the holiday.
  • 70%-the increase in cabbage purchase and consumption during the week of the holiday.
  • 276-the number of fatal alcohol related crashes between 2009 and 2013 nationally, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.
  • 11%-the number of Americans who annually plan a St. Patrick's Day vacation to Ireland.

So regardless of what you're doing Thursday, make it a safe and sane one. We will be skipping the cabbage, though.  Yikes!


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