With the big boom holiday coming up Monday, we thought we'd give you a taste of what happens when people take leave of their senses, and do stupid stuff with gunpowder and fuses.

Mode.com has published a list of some of the Dumbest Fireworks accidents of all time.

They include the fireworks show not long ago in Italy, where the entire display was set off all at once.

Or in 2011, when Jesse William Burley of Fargo, North Dakota, attempted to light a firework mortar (similar to the ones you see in commercial fireworks displays-big!) and it didn't detonate and take off. He decided to look down the barrel and find out what went wrong.  Unfortunately, the device blew up, and took his head with it. Emergency officials say his neighbors witnesses whole grisly event. Ugh!

Or in Greece, where to commemorate ancient Olympic battles, residents of one neighborhood compete in fireworks war, or as it's known, the Rocket War. The goal? To hit and ring the church bell in the other guy's neighborhood. Sometimes, the chicken wire and mesh they put up doesn't always protect surrounding homes. (Video courtesy of EpicVideos911 on YouTube).

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