General Mills Monster Cereals are back, at least for a few more weeks. General Mills has opened their vault and brought back Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula cereals until Halloween.

These cereals bring back great childhood memories. I remember eating Frankberry for breakfast every morning and sometimes as a snack after school. I also enjoyed the Boo Berry but Count Chocula was never a favorite. I don't know if that was as much the taste or the fact that the picture of the Count scared me. Hey I was young!

Count Chocula was the first chocolate cereal with chocolate marshmallows and Franken Berry was the only strawberry flavored cereal. Those two flavors were released in 1971, Boo-Berry came along in 1972 and was the first blueberry flavored cereal.

The boxes do have a new 're-vamped' look courtesy of DC Entertainment co-publisher and comic illustrator Jim Lee. The basic concept is still there and they don't look that different from the 1970's version. I like the fact that they stayed true to the old ideas. The new boxes also feature comic strips on the back to read while you eat. You can, however, still find a few of those vintage boxes. Target stores exclusively carry the cereal in the  retro boxes.

The only difference I noted with the 'new' cereal version is it's more of a puffed corn cereal and not the oat based that it used to be. Still good and brings back fun memories. Stock up now before they disappear back into the vault.

Watch as My Co-Workers and I Enjoy a Bowl of Our Favorite Monster Cereal

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