Want to know how much iron is really in your cereal?  It may trip you out a little bit, but, there is actually a way to find out without looking under a microscope.  Check this out.

It is a fact that iron is good for you.  Our body needs certain amounts of iron because, without it, one might suffer from fatigue, a faster heart rate, and a weaker immune system.  So, iron is good for you, and it's literally OK to eat the metal.

Still, actually seeing it in your food, may gross  you out a little bit - or, depending on what kind of music you listen to, might make you even more of a metal head.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, check out how you can tell how much iron is in your cereal.  Heck, after you watch it, you may even decide to eat magnets for breakfast.

Iron For Breakfast

So, who's hungry for some cereal?

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