In 1992, Pearl Jam fan Joe Wolfe, who attended the rising band's show at the Cincinnati club Bogart's, ran into several of the group's members at a local movie theater during a screening of 'Wayne's World.' Wolfe didn't have a camera on him at the time (why would he?); otherwise, he would have taken a photo.

"There weren’t camera phones back then," Wolfe tells Diffuser. But frontman Eddie Vedder told him "he would do a picture with me the next time I saw him.”

Twenty-two years later, Wolfe, who apparently never forgets a promise made to him, ran into Vedder again in Cincinnati. And again before Pearl Jam's show there (the Bank Arena holds 18,000, sizably more than 1,500 Bogart's holds). So Wolfe approached Vedder, this time with camera ready, and reminded him of his promise. But the singer turned him away.

Turns out the Vedder mistook Wolfe for the guy who stole his weed at Bogart's back in 1992. You can hear Vedder run down the entire tale from Bank Arena's stage in the above video.

In the end, Vedder made good on his 22-year-old promise to Wolfe. After the concert on Oct. 1, he invited Wolfe over for a handshake, an autograph, a guitar pick and, after all these years, a photo:

Joe Wolfe
Joe Wolfe

Party on.

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