We are not sure why this used car dealership in Massachusetts decided to give this pizza delivery guy a hard time, but it really backfired on it.

As the story goes, the employees at the car dealership, F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Mass., pooled their money together to buy lunch from the pizza place, Palace Pizza & More.

The bill was $42 and they paid with two $20 bills and two $5 bills. The delivery guy says he confirmed they wanted to give him the entire amount and left, according to LiveLeak. The dealership employees then called the pizza place and complained, saying the delivery guy didn't give them change.

The pizza guy then returned to the dealership, where the employees recorded the interaction and posted it on YouTube for everyone to see.

However, all it did was make them look like complete a**holes -- and they have since made the video private on the dealership's YouTube page.

The dealership is now feeling the public's wrath via the Internet, The Boston Globe reported.

F&R Auto Sales' Yelp page and Google+ page have been inundated with terrible and negative reviews. The dealership's website and Facebook pages are down and its telephone number is constantly busy.

The Boston Globe reports:

"Palace Pizza has been getting supportive calls all day from across the country, and several people have pledged to raise or donate money for (Jarrid Tansey (the pizza guy).

In addition, the owner of the dealership and his son came by to apologize to Palace Pizza in person on Wednesday.

Perhaps sensing the wave of bad PR, the dealership has since apologized for the incident. Also, Tansey's wife set up a parody Facebook page digging fun at the dealership.

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