Billy Sherwood won't be beaming onto the starship Queensryche. Instead, he has decided to work on the new William Shatner record, rather than remix a new offering from Geoff Tate and Co.

That's just one of several prior commitments the producer cites in withdrawing from the Tate-led project. Sherwood, a 1990s-era member of Yes who has also done board work for Bad Company's Paul Rodgers and Asia's John Wetton, had been asked by Tate's label last week to remix his forthcoming album 'Frequency Unknown,' after Deadline Music said fans complained about the mix on some advance samples.

"I've withdrawn from mixing the Queensryche project," Sherwood confirms via Facebook. "Scheduling issues became a conflict."

Sherwood is also mixing the forthcoming 'Prog Collective 2' project for Cleopatra, featuring some of the last recordings by original Yes guitarist Peter Banks, who died last month; and he's set to tour with Eddie Jobson of U.K. fame. He says a Doors tribute album is in the works for Cleopatra, as well.

"While I was excited about taking the QR gig," Sherwood adds. "Reality is there is not enough time in my schedule at present, and so I wish them luck on the project."

Tate served as frontman for the original Queensryche for 30 years before he was fired last year. Now he and his old band are both going forward with the same name. Todd La Torre is now leading a separate edition of Queensryche, which released the new song "Redemption" last week.

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