Oh, that salty and sour taste. That classic crunch. Pickles have been the go-to choice for picnics and cookouts for generations. However, I know there are folks out there who despise them. Whether you like them or not, there no denying the fact that pickle popularity is on the incline. Why is that? I think I may have found out part of the reason why.

Pickles are made from fermented cucumbers  During the fermentation process, the natural sugars of the cucumbers turn into lactic acid which gives pickles their sour taste and helps fight off bad bacteria.

I've come to find out that not only do pickles look great on a plate next to a burger and some fries but according to What's Good, they also have some big-time health benefits. Keep reading to see how making pickles a part of your diet can perk up your health.

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Pickles Are Packed With Probiotics

Because pickles are a fermented food they contain good bacteria to strengthen our gut and immune system.


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Pickles Help Replace Electrolytes

The two main elements in pickles are water and salt. The salt will help replace electrolytes lost. Experts say pickles are great snacks when you've spent time in the sun or heat.


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Pickles Are Great for Your Diet

Hey, after all, pickles are cucumbers and cucumbers are vegetables. A single pickle spear can count as a quarter cup of vegetables.


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Pickles Are Your Blood Sugar Friends

There's some research that says the vinegar found in pickles can actually lessen the effect certain foods have on your blood sugar.


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Photo: Viktoriya Telminova/Getty Images

Pickles Have Vitamin K

Cucumbers may not be the most vitamin-packed vegetable out there but they do pack a punch of Vitamin K. This vitamin is often overlooked but helps our bodies with a number of different things including the clotting of blood.

Up until now my only thought about pickles is how much I enjoy that clean, classic crunch along with a salty and sour taste. Now, you can add a few more reasons. It never hurts especially nowadays to take some extra steps toward good health.

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