Harlem Globetrotter Scooter Christensen is coming to Abilene to visit Taylor Elementary School, Wednesday, February 5th at 2pm. Scooter will be presenting the “ABC's of Bullying Prevention” a program the Globetrotters started two years ago. Scooter will teach the kids all about Action, Bravery and Compassion, comprising the "ABC's of Bullying Prevention."  

The presentation utilizes the Harlem Globetrotters famous ball handling skills and their awesome sense of humor to entertain and educate kids. Ruby Ramirez, media coordinator for the team, said "the program is in it's second year now and the players will visit about 300 schools this year." She said the players love the program and being with the kids.

While the media is invited to attend for photo-ops and interviews wednesday, the public is not. However, The Globetrotters are bringing their 2014 “Fans Rule” World Tour to Abilene February 19th.