A high school grad on Reddit says their entitled grandmother ruined their celebratory graduation dinner.

"Going out to eat with my grandparents has always been an ordeal. They complain and always make the waiter jump through hoops over the smallest things," the student wrote in their post.

"So it was my graduation dinner right after my ceremony. I beg my mom for it to be just us as a family and not invite my grandparents for the above reasons. My mom said it would be disrespectful not to invite them since they went to my ceremony," the high school grad continued.

When their family got to the restaurant, the student's grandmother immediately had an "issue with her burger."

"The bun is to bready for her. So she complains that she wants the burger remade with whatever they use on the children’s menu for burgers. The waitress said it was the same bun but just a smaller portion. My grandma wanted to see the bun before it was remade so the waitress brings out the children’s bun for examination. My grandma didn’t like it and asked for sandwich bread for her burger but the waitress explained that all the sandwiches they had are served on Texas garlic toast. My grandma said that’s ridiculous," the student wrote.

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Their grandmother's behavior was "exactly why" they didn't want their grandparents to attend the dinner. "I asked my dad to just take me home so I could go to my friend's graduation party instead. My dad did so without argument," the grad added.

The student's mom and grandmother were angry at them following the disastrous dinner, and they were even grounded for "being disrespectful," so they canceled their official graduation party and are currently staying with a friend.

"I’m almost planning not to come back because I’m leaving for college in late August and my mom is hellbent on punishing me for my attitude problem and ruining her plans for my graduation party that I’m now not going to. I’m sick of being forced to interact with my mom and grandparents. My dad says he understands and has brought me clothes and stuff to my friends house while I take a break from my mom," the high school grad concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users comforted the student for having to deal with "narcissists" in their family.

"It seems like your father is just as tired of it as well. I wonder if anyone ever spoke to the grandmother about her constant complaining," one user commented.

"The thing is, with narcissists, you can tell them what they are to your heart's content, and they won't take it on and can never be wrong… because they're narcissists, that's the point," another wrote.

"It's always annoying to eat out with entitled diners. You went there for a good time but ended up hearing someone complain the whole time. I don't blame you for leaving," someone else shared.

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