A man is refusing to fund his step-daughter's wedding because she has rejected him as her dad for years, despite his attempts to treat her with love and respect.

The man explained his situation on Reddit, sharing that he and his wife have been married for 11 years and share three children. He has two biological sons with his wife, and also helped raise his step-daughter, who is from his wife's previous relationship.

"I did everything I could to make [my step-daughter] happy," he wrote in his post, explaining he made himself available to drive her to events and be present for extra-curricular activities. He even sent her to private school and funded her college education.

"I worked day and night, so I could give her the lifestyle she deserved. She continued to hate me," the man shared.

A few months ago, the man's step-daughter informed his wife that she would be getting married. "I only found out when my wife told me," he revealed.

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Nonetheless, he called to congratulate her.

"She just tried to end the conversation as quickly as she could. The last thing I had asked was maybe the honor to have a father-daughter dance with her, which she had shot down," the frustrated father wrote.

"Then came the bill, and my wife said she needed money for her wedding. I considered it long and hard, but clearly, as she didn't consider me as her father, I said I would not be paying for her wedding," he continued.

The man told his wife that she could use her savings to help fund the wedding, which is expected to have a guest list of "around 400-600 people."

"She was furious at me," he recalled, adding that his family called him an "awful person."

"The whole thing has become a mess, it has divided our family, but I am still holding my ground," he wrote, ending his post by asking the internet if he made the right decision.

In the comments section, Reddit users supported the man's decision to not finance his step-daughter's wedding, and reminded him that he is not his family's ATM machine.

"OP [original poster] (thanklessly, it seems) already paid for college. I'm sad for you, OP. You seem like a pleasant dude, and you don't deserve this," one user commented.

"Not only was he NOT her dad, she hated him until she wanted money. Go figure. He's not an ATM," another wrote.

"Your wife is being unreasonable. Her daughter shouldn't expect it. The fact that you paid for her college was more than enough," someone else shared.

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