A new survey on hand washing has revealed that 70 percent of Americans always wash their hands after using a public restroom, while 29 percent sometimes skip that ever-important, germ-killing step. And yes, 1 percent confessed to never washing their hands after using a public bathroom.

The annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey also found that 51 percent of Americans have had unpleasant experiences in a public bathroom due to the condition of the facilities. The most unpleasant public restrooms were found at gas stations, with the noxious odor being the top reason for the unpleasant nature of the experience.

Other interesting findings? Americans wash their hands for only five to 15 seconds, when at least 20 seconds is recommended as the standard by the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC suggests singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice in order to wash your hands long enough to kill germs.

The study also found that most people do not adjust their hand-washing habits seasonally, either. Seventy-five percent of Americans do not increase their hand washing during flu season or the winter.

The survey was conducted in August among 1,046 American adults.

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