Above all else, one thing you can say about Abilene area bands is that they take care of their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, rain or shine…it’s a brotherhood, a family that is there to carry the weight when one of their ‘family’ needs help.

Well, this happens to be one of those times. Mike ‘Mookie’ Morgan, guitarist for Rear Naked Choke, was recently diagnosed with cancer and instead of letting their brother carry the burden alone, local bands are hosting a benefit to help defray medical costs.

I can’t even imagine the mental anguish that goes with fighting cancer, the disease itself, and along with it the major medical bills. Wow. Both the disease and financial burden can be crippling. Hopefully Morgan’s family doesn’t have to feel as much of that burden, thanks to ‘Mookie Fest’, a day dedicated to raising funds for his rising medical costs.

I can assure you, Mike is one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet and deserves the ‘family treatment’ like this more than anyone I can think of. This is going to be a great day for a great friend.

What’s really cool about ‘Mookie Fest’ is that it’s an all day outdoor event that the entire family can enjoy.



Mookie Fest


Jimmy Ninja, Victim of the Fall, Shattered Glass, Stolen Thunder, Jesus Gun Club, Three Shades Blue, Premenishen, Leland Gaunt, Architecture of Fire, Hell N Back


Town & Country Drive-In Theater at Mockingbird and Vogel in Abilene

Date and Time

Saturday, September 22nd

Gates open at 10am




All Ages Welcome

Other Info

Air Castles, Raffles, Live Music, Games, Food


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