Driving down the Texas highway you'll see plenty of them. If you've been in the Lone Star State for any amount of time at all, I'm sure you've seen the huge metal stars on barns or as decoration on houses.

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Is there something to these stars? Did everybody just have the same decor idea? Surely there's some meaning behind it. It turns out there actually is a reason you see them everywhere. Wide Open Country knows about country living in big spaces and explains the history of the metal stars in this article.

Star ornament hanging on a red barn
Photo: jadimages/Getty Images

These stars - known as primitive stars - began within German farming settlements. It is believed they bring good luck much like the same superstition regarding horseshoes. The history goes back to German settlers who would paint these images on their barns in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. The barn stars became known as "hex signs", derived from the word hexe, which means "witch" in German.

The earliest images of these symbols closely match that of an Amish quilt square design. During the 1930s and 1940s, the stars changed from paintings to pieces of art that could be attached. Nowadays they're seen in a variety of forms, from wood to metal.

Quilt square on Michigan barn.
Photo: liveslow/Getty Images

What's more, the color of these stars also holds significance. A brown star means friendship. Black and blue stars are said to bring protection. Green stars signify fertility and growth on the farm, and a white star stands for purity.

I knew there had to be something to these stars other than simple decoration. They're seen in too many places to just be a fad. So if you're considering hanging one up for yourself, it's interesting to know the meaning behind it. Some call it superstition, others swear by its protection. Either way, may it bring you a sense of peace and happiness.

A rusty star on an old barn
Photo Tim McGinty/Getty Images

Yes indeed, we love our stars in Texas. We even have a massive star-shaped house. Scroll below to see the inside pictures of this architectural marvel.

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