Thanks to his role on American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson, John Travolta is kind of winning audiences back following a run of lackluster action flicks. I Am Wrath could still very well be another one of those lesser Travolta outings, and the first trailer teases a revenge thriller in the vein of Eye for an Eye with the actor in the Sally Field role. Oh, and his hair is just as bewildering as ever, really giving Nicolas Cage a run for his money.

The first trailer for I Am Wrath debuted at ComingSoon:

In the film, Travolta plays Stanley, a desperate unemployed family man who travels out of state to find a new job. Upon returning, the blissful reunion with his wife (Rebecca DeMornay) is cut short when she’s horrifically murdered in the airport parking garage, leaving Stanley grief-stricken and without a reason to live. But when her killer evades conviction on a technicality, Stanley finds a new purpose in life and sets out on a revenge mission.

I Am Wrath looks equal parts ’90s thriller and contemporary Liam Neeson action flick, but the real kicker is Christopher Meloni in the role of Travolta’s friend and partner-in-revenge: a former Special Ops soldier who works in a barber shop. Sure, it seems just wacky enough to wind up in your local RedBox after about three days in theaters, but how could you not want to watch Travolta and Meloni track down some junkie thugs?

I Am Wrath hits VOD on April 15 and theaters on May 13.

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