The best thing about John Travolta is that he commits to his performances. Whether he’s a Brooklyn disco fiend, or leaning in to the campiness as O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, or a woman married to Christopher Walken, he’s sincere even when he’s over the top.

For his latest role in his new film Life on the Line he doubles down on his Texas accent and beard-growing prowess to play Beau, a “salt of the earth man” who works as a lineman who fixes power lines during storms. It’s a grueling profession, and to complicate matters, Beau is also fostering his orphaned niece Bailey (Kate Bosworth) after her father, also a lineman, died when she was young. Cut to 16 years later, and Bailey wants to marry her boyfriend Duncan (Devon Sawa), with whom she’s having a baby and who is also a lineman. Apparently that’s the only profession in this town. Beau is not all that impressed with Duncan, and the two men must settle their differences and work together to save the power lines and maybe become friends along the way. Or at least find some gruff, beardy appreciation for each other.

The trailer cycles from one genre to another at breakneck speed, giving us tastes of disaster movie, romance, and action flick-- complete with a car chase!-- all at once. And in case that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, Sharon Stone also makes an appearance. The film is directed by David Hackl of Saw V (after being a production designer for Saws II, III, and IV) and James Marsden-starring grizzly bear thriller Into the Grizzly Maze. 

The trailer might say “in theaters September 1” but the movie doesn’t currently have a U.S. release date, even though it’s available for purchase on DVD in Japan. I guess power line action-dramas are a big genre over there.

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